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24 December 2016 @ 10:43 pm
Master List of Works

Title: Carol of the Bells
Inspiration: Carol of the Bells
Written by: alx_diamond
Link: Ao3

Title: A Dozen Festive Days
Inspiration: The Twelve Days of Christmas
Written by: camelittle
Link: Ao3

Title: Think I'll Miss This One
Inspiration: Christmas Wrapping
Written by: gaymerlinhell
Link: Ao3

Title: Christmas Holidays Aren't What They Used to Be
Inspiration: Child of Love
Written by: momotastic
Link: Ao3


Inspiration: Where Are You Christmas
Created by: narlth
Link: Ao3

You can either continue to post links on the posting link or here and I will add them.

19 December 2016 @ 07:59 pm
Time for posting! Please read below and add your work to the comments...
I will be compiling works until 11:59 PM 12/24 and then posting a masterpost Christmas Day! For now, post and enjoy what everyone's submitting. You can still sign up until posting ends, just remember: you cannot use a song that's already been claimed.

14 December 2016 @ 09:41 pm

Creating should now be underway for everyone's wonderfully fun and festive works! This post is for the masterlist of song inspiration as well as for last minute sign-ups for anyone who is still interested in creating works (remember that posting is very soon!) The post for links to your works will be posted on December 20th and I will collect links to works until 10 PM MST on December 24th- so the full list will be available on December 25th. (You can continue to post and post and post, of course!)

Everyone is welcome to as many works as they like, so long as they don't double up on song inspiration from the original sign-ups.

Pop below the cut for the list and signup info!
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25 November 2016 @ 06:53 pm

Are you ready to start creating? We're ready to see what you'll be making for this fest! Sign-ups will be from 11/26/16 - 12/10/16, EXTENDED TO 12/12 so hurry up and claim your top choice song while you can! We ask that when you sign up, you take the time to read through the rules which can be found here. The rules are simple and straightforward. The nature of this fest is to be fun, festive, and bring everyone together! Currently anyone signing up can choose one song, but after the official end date, you may write additional works, so long as they're not inspired by a claimed song. Remember, do not post your work until the posting date- December 18th.

Your lovely mods for this fest will be myself and momotastic. Any questions can be directed at merlincarolsmods@gmail.com, and we'll answer as promptly as we can!

To sign up just reply to this post with the following information:

<input ... >

One of the moderators will reply confirming your claim and then you can create away!

07 November 2016 @ 11:31 pm

Welcome to Merlin Carols, a Creative Arts Fest inspired by the music of the winter holidays. Do you have a favorite Christmas Carol that's been naggling at the back of your mind for years and plot that's dying to be written? Is "Let it Snow" just begging to inspire some cuddly domestic fluff or do you have a desire to retell the entire fifth season as "Frosty the Snowman?" (Okay, probably not that one, but the point still stands!) This is a fun project to gather works for the BBC Merlin fandom to consume during the holiday season- there's no goal except to create and enjoy!

Sign-ups will be open soon 11/25/16 but for now let's establish some ground rules:

  1. Each work should be inspired by a holiday song. (Examples of songs include ones like these!) Many of the songs will technically be Christmas Carols, but no one should feel limited or obligated to write Christmas stories. There's no strict rules on what songs do and don't count, but when in doubt, shoot the mods a message and ask!

  2. There's no limit on what could be considered a creative work- fics, art, poems, gifs, manips, and anything else you can imagine. We do ask that works of fiction be at least 1000 words. All works should take effort, but the nature of a fest usually implies shorter/quicker works!

  3. Each creator will be able to claim 1 song for their inspiration initially. Once signups officially close, creators are free to choose additional songs for additional works, so long as they've not been claimed. Do not post before the posting date.

  4. All works must be commented either in full or as a link on the post set aside for works. The mods will then create masterlists of all of the works to be viewed.

  5. There's no restrictions on ships, themes, etc for this challenge. We just ask that all creators are respectful in the usage of their content!

  6. Works created for this fest should not be used as a part of any other fest, challenge, or exchange but can be part of existing projects/series.

  7. In order to participate, you must signup on the official signup page. There will be an official date for priority sign up, but as long as the song you like is still available, you're able to sign up until the posting date.

  8. Have fun and get into the holiday spirit!